Introducing: Sofia Jin Tottman

One of the many emerging talents on Esquire's radar.

BY Wayne Cheong | Dec 21, 2016 | Feature

Pictured: Cotton and nylon bodysuit by H&M | Photograph by Chuck Reyes | Styling by Lim Siu Fang


“Both names mean ‘wisdom’ from the Greek, which is something that I love. But I felt ‘Sophie’ never particularly suited me. I went through life feeling a sense of disconnect with the name that I was given. ‘Sofia’ is close enough to my birth name to avoid alienating my family, but the Latin American sound of ‘Sofia’ is exciting enough and better suits my personality.”—Sofia Jin Tottman

Oh, the places you go, and Sofia Tottman (IG: @sofjin_) has been to many. Her household is a cultural salad of English, Korean and Spanish, which had her hopped around Europe and Asia most of her life. While others might find the shifting sands beneath their feet difficult to lay down roots, Tottman feels that “home is just part of who [she is], something [she has] to carry within [herself].”

Still, no matter where she goes, she is confronted with the usual stigma regarding her current status as a model. “The work and the lifestyle aren’t as glamorous as they appear,” she says. “I’m only a part-time model, so all I can tell you, based off my experience, is that there’s always a lot more work going on behind a photo shoot than the finished picture presents.”

Tottman also writes (as evident in her emails and speech) and trains in Muay Thai (“I wanted a sport that would push me, hard”). She’ll continue her wanderlust, both geographically and personally; after all, life is too short to stay in one place.

Grooming by Angel Gwee using Make Up For Ever and L’Oréal Professionnel. On location at W Singapore Sentosa Cove. Brand personality provided by AnticipatingDiva.