SIHH '18 - Time Square: Hermès Carré H

Square has never been more stylish.

BY Celine Yap | Jan 17, 2018 | Feature

Images by Hermès / Carl Kleiner / Calitho

In 2010, French designer Marc Berthier created the Hermes Carre H, a square-shaped watch that played with geometric shapes and a monochromatic colour palette. Eight years on today, Berthier returns to bring us an updated variation that was inspired by measuring instruments such as compasses and scales. 

The idea is to infuse utility with creativity and in this new Carre H, no detail is too small to be ignored. Look at the hour numerals, all of them are rendered double-digit figures in order to uphold the instrument aesthetic. Cased in a square exterior with smooth rounded edges, the watch measures just 38mm X 38mm making it very comfortable on all wrists. Contrasting with the boxy case, the round dial recalls the aesthetics of cockpit or dashboard instruments.

Dial options come in black or anthracite and the movement within is the self-winding Calibre H1912 that has an oscillating ass decorated with repeated H pattern. Priced at €5,900, it is bound to appeal to architects, designers and other creative types.