A Private Odyssey With The Drive de Cartier Man, Christopher Lee

#WhatDrivesYou to take the reins in life.

BY Editors | Feb 10, 2017 | Feature


To have a complete command in life is no easy feat. It takes an assertive spirit to conquer obstacles and gain momentum constantly. Cartier backs that will with the Drive de Cartier and invites award-winning thespian, Christopher Lee, to express what drives him in life. “The freedom to relentlessly pursue my ambitions, be it for my career or for my family,” Lee declared. 

With confident hands on the steering wheel, Lee takes us on a journey through the charming streets of Florence and into the Tuscan countryside. He segues well into the sea of the most dapper Italian gentlemen and exudes the qualities of the Drive Man–instinct, independence and refinement. Sporting an elegant Drive de Cartier watch on his wrist, Lee is assured of his style and uninhibited by convention.

Inspired by vintage automobiles, the taut curves and refined lines of the Drive de Cartier collection construct an identity that is stylish, elegant and modern, with the patterning of the guilloche dial resembling the design of a radiator grill and the winding crown shaped like a bolt. The sleek lines of this cushion-shaped watch create a truly stylish piece, brought to life by the Maison Manufacture movement 1904 MC.

Hitch a ride with Lee and view a short film that documents his intimate tour around Florence.

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