SIHH '18 - Iconic Style: Santos de Cartier

Clean lines and softer curves redefine this time-honoured classic.

BY Celine Yap | Jan 18, 2018 | Feature

Image by Cartier

Everybody’s favourite watch, the Santos de Cartier, has just gotten an upgrade 114 years after it was born. This elegant square watch with matching square bezel and willfully exposed screws is truly emblematic of the design ethos of the early 20th century and is set to evolve seamlessly into the 21st.

Cartier has given this watch a more streamlined case, embracing its gentle curves and reducing the overall size and weight. Another obvious update is the shape of the bezel, which instead of a simple square, adopts a more fluid form that seems to extend towards the bracelet. And the bracelet is such a major part of the Santos that Cartier would be remiss to leave it out of the facelift exercise.

In keeping with the times, the new Santos now comes with an interchangeable bracelet system that allows the wearer to switch between bracelet and strap easily and quickly. Patented by Cartier, all that needs to be done is to release a catch and the bracelet detaches without effort. Additionally, the links of the Santos, known as smart links, can also be very conveniently removed just by pushing a hidden button.

This new Santos is made in two sizes, medium and large, with skeletonised options available, while the movement within is a manufacture Calibre 1847 MC.