SIHH '18 - Ultra Slim: Piaget Altiplano 910P

Pushing the boundaries of ultrathin watchmaking.

BY Celine Yap | Jan 18, 2018 | Feature

Image by Piaget

Each year Piaget makes a record-breaking ultrathin watch and each year people are sure that there’s no way anyone else could make an even thinner watch. Yet sure enough, the manufacture always finds a way to defeat that title held previously by no one other than itself. Piaget is so far advanced into the field of ultrathin timepieces that there is a clear gulf between itself and all the others.

For 2018, the ultrathin timepiece du jour is its Altiplano 910P, an extension of the Altiplano 900P with a self-winding feature. This watch measures only 4.3mm in height and achieves this amazing thinness by utilising a peripheral winding rotor instead of the conventional centrally-mounted variant that adds way too much bulk. In Calibre 910P, the barrel is just 1.14mm, some of its gear wheels measure only 0.12mm (as thin as a strand of hair), and the jewels are no more than 0.25mm high. 

Piaget achieves this by integrating the movement into the case back, using the latter as the main plate, and thus reducing the need for a case back altogether. The movement also functions as the dial and the hours and minutes segment are recessed into the movement. Because it is so thin, the risks of warping or bending are magnified, so Piaget took precaution by reinforcing the main plate with crossbars, and by positioning the hands and balance wheel lower than the height of the bridges, so should the sapphire crystal flex downwards, it will not disturb the watch’s most sensitive components.