SIHH '18 - Open Hearted: Girard-Perregaux Classic Bridges

For the first time, a Girard-Perregaux gold bridge without a tourbillon.

BY Celine Yap | Jan 22, 2018 | Feature

Images by Girard-Perregaux

Girard-Perregaux’s legendary Tourbillon with Three Gold Bridges is one of those historically important watches and should stay authentic to its original identity. But there’s nothing stopping the manufacture from coming up with new ways to interpret the legacy of that watch and the Classic Bridges is the first of its kind.

Embracing the immediately recognisable design of the Three Gold Bridges, which has three twin-arrowhead bridges holding the barrel, the centre wheel, and the tourbillon regulator, this 2018 novelty dials down a few notches in terms of complexity. Instead of three bridges, there are two, and in place of a tourbillon regular, it’s got a standard balance wheel at six o’clock. While it’s not the greatest thing to happen to the Three Gold Bridges story, it does open up this marvellous creation to a greater audience, and this is but one way of showing respect to the horological icon.

The movement is Girard-Perregaux’s self-winding Calibre GP08600-0002 which is delightfully open-worked exposing not just the golden arrowhead bridges but also the remaining plates and bridges finished with a sand-blasted effect and bevelled on all edges. What’s missing, though, are the sharp internal angles so revered by connoisseurs as the absolute hallmark of fine hand-finishing.