SIHH '18 - Formidable Stuff: A Lange & Sohne Triple Split

Horology mega-nerds, this one is for you.

BY Celine Yap | Jan 22, 2018 | Feature

Image by A Lange & Sohne

Possibly the German manufacture’s ultimate chronograph, the amazing Lange Triple Split is everything it promises to be. But before delving into this delightfully complicated timepiece, here’s a refresher on the Double Split presented in 2004: Regular split-second chronographs allow you to measure the elapsed times of two simultaneously occurring events i.e. two sprinters in a race, but you could only record the difference in seconds.

With the Lange Double Split, however, it is possible to split the seconds as well as the minutes and this means the watch is applicable to a wider range of events such as marathons.

And so the Triple Split one-ups the Double Split with a split hour function that, like the split minute function, is a definite world’s first. Lange spent six years figuring out the most ideal technical solution to integrate this feature without increasing in size. Much thought was also put into finding the ideal location for the hour counter and Lange being Lange, everything ended up being super logical.

Timekeeping for this watch can be applied to ultra-long events, for instance, car rallies. Most impressively, the addition of the split hours caused the case height to grow by only 0.3mm but the power reserve increased from 38mm to a much longer 55 hours – more than adequate to last through the weekend.