SIHH '18 - World Domination: Greubel Forsey GMT Earth

Introducing one of the planet’s most delightfully complicated world timers.

BY Celine Yap | Jan 16, 2018 | Feature

Image from Greubel Forsey

Few world timers are as intriguing as the Greubel Forsey GMT Earth. Offering a stunning view of the three-dimensional globe, you literally have the weight of the world on your wrist. In all, there are three time zones: one via the hour-minute display, the second on the GMT display which has a red triangular hand, and finally the globe that rotates once every 24 hours.

This watch is regulated by a fast-rotation tourbillon that completes a full turn every 24 seconds, and is set at a 25-degree incline for maximum chronometric precision. Additionally, it comes with a patented display for summer time. Located on the back of the watch, this feature tells at just a glance which cities need to make adjustments for summertime, and which don’t.

Like all Greubel Forsey masterpieces, this timepiece boasts exquisite hand-finishing. According to the manufacture, its watches require an average of 450 hours to be properly finished and decorated.

Limited to just 33 pieces, this watch is not an easy one to wear, given its robust proportions. But if you appreciate horological depth and mechanical genius, then it is simply perfect.