The Reissued Omega Railmaster Is A Perfect Blend Of Vintage And Contemporary

Presley Gerber never leaves home without this extraordinary timepiece

BY Celine Yap | Mar 5, 2018 | Feature

Presley Gerber’s choice of an Omega is an obvious one, not just because the 19-year-old fashion model and photographer is an ambassador of the brand, but because he’s been so dear to the Omega universe since the day he was born. His mother is none other than Cindy Crawford, who in 1995 was Omega’s very first brand ambassador–and arguably its best-loved one of all time. Together with his sister Kaia, Gerber joined Omega’s star-studded cast of global brand ambassadors officially in 2017. 

Showing exceptional taste in timepieces, Gerber now totes around the Omega Railmaster, a watch that debuted in 1957 and as its name suggests was built for railway staff or anyone who worked close to electrical fields. The Omega Railmaster had a robust case construction that had an inner protective case which allowed the watch to resist magnetic fields of up to 1,000 gauss. By comparison, most anti-magnetic timepieces of that time were only resistant to around 60 gauss.

This new reissue upped the ante even further with a case 15 times more resistant than the original (15,000 gauss), thanks to its contemporary movement, the Master Chronometer Calibre 8806. 

Its pared down aesthetics are a godsend to those who appreciate understated designs but the Railmaster still offers a plethora of details: It has a vertically-brushed grey dial, recessed hour markers filled with “vintage” SuperLuminova, a classic railway minute track, the Omega crosshair symbol of precision, baton-style hour and minute hands, and the popular lollipop central seconds hand. The latter is a familiar feature in the rail industry.

Cased in 40mm stainless steel, the Railmaster is also available in a black dial. Wear it on a fully brushed stainless steel bracelet, a smooth brown calf leather NATO strap, or a black herringbone pattern fabric strap with classic pin buckle.

Three questions with Presley Gerber.

What’s the best fashion or career advice you’ve had from your mom?
From my mom, best career advice? Don’t do it unless you want to, because if you do it and don’t want to it’s going to turn out not very good.


Happy birthday mama!

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You’ve been both a model and a photographer. Which do you prefer? And how does social media help you express your creativity?
I can’t actually say I prefer either, I think it totally depends. I feel that both are equally as fun for me. They both have so much opportunity and you can kind of explore your mind with everything. So both are great and I can’t choose one. As far as social media helps, yeah, you can throw anything you take–or that picture of you–and put it on.


Quite a ways back

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How does a watch help you express your personal style? Do you think a watch is still relevant for young men?
I absolutely think a watch is still relevant for young men. I think, for guys at least, I don’t wear a lot of jewellery, but a watch I typically will have one, not just to tell the time obviously, I have a passion for them, but yeah I definitely think the young crowd is catching back on to the trend.


@Omega family

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The new Omega Railmaster is available at all Omega boutiques and authorised distributors.