Honouring the First Ever Non-stop Solo Transatlantic Flight

Longines celebrates the 90th anniversary with a limited Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch.

BY Editors | Jul 19, 2017 | News

Image by Longines

It was May 20, 1927. A young American pilot named Charles A.Lindbergh took off from Roosevelt Airport, New York in the “Spirit of St. Louis” with a designated course to Le Bourget airport near Paris. 33 and a half hours later, Lindbergh arrived at its destination safely and successfully completed the world’s first ever non-stop solo transatlantic flight. Renowned Swiss-based watchmaker Longines ratified this feat by timing Lindbergh’s flight and adding it to the list of aviation records. 

Shortly after the momentous event, Lindbergh approached the watchmaker to collaborate on a timepiece to fulfil the aviator’s needs for an accurate determination of the longitude during long-distance flights. Thus, the Longines Hour Angle watch was born and it became one of the brand’s iconic Heritage models.

This year, Longines commemorates the 90th anniversary of Lindbergh’s achievement and of its time keeping service by producing a new edition of the Longines Hour Angle watch. Aptly named “The Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch 90th Anniversary”, this series is uniquely numbered and is limited to 90 watches only.

This exclusive model measures 47.5 mm, which makes it easier to read and manipulate in the dark. Its understated brushed silver dial displays the time on a “railtrack” minute circle with painted Roman numerals, and features a 180° scale for calculating the longitude. A galvanic black rotating central dial and a black PVD steel rotating bezel complete the timepiece. There’s no doubt that this handsome timepiece will draw the attention of admirers when worn on the wrist of today’s modern adventurers.