Fossilís Hybrid Smartwatch Blends Tradition And Connectivity

Itís called a hybrid for a reason.

BY Editors | Dec 20, 2016 | News

They look like ordinary watches, but Fossil has worked in a subtle digital upgrade with its Q range. (We’re thinking about the Q/James Bond partnership, right now.) Unlike other wearables, Fossil’s Q collection of watches does not have a digital face. Instead, the watch’s smart connection to your smartphone is built from within. Whether you are consistently on the go, hitting your fitness goals or attending a fashion-forward gala, you can track your activities, take photos, set time zones and even locate your phone with a touch of the button.

In a market where Pebble went from a valuation of USD740 million to less than USD40 million, it takes an innovative brand such as Fossil to grasp the need of the everyday wearer.

Compatible with an iPhone or Android phone, four new hybrid smartwatches have been added to the Fossil Q line. For us, the Q Crewmaster and the Q Nate caught our attention particularly because it functions (and can take a beating) like a watch but yet allows a seamless connection to the digital realm. The Fossil Q line brings out the best of both worlds.


The Fossil Q Crewmaster

It fits your adventurous lifestyle with a strong stainless steel and colorful build, and lets you keep track of your fitness and sleep and it auto-updates the time based on where you are.

The Fossil Q Nate

The timepiece is reportedly one of the brand’s best-selling platforms and had just gotten smarter. Q Nate's construction and on-the-move functionality play with an urban aesthetic and is available in a range of colors on both leather and steel straps.

The Fossil Q Crewmaster and the Q Nate retails from SGD298. To buy the timepiece online, go to Fossil’s website.