With curiosity and a fearless, pioneering spirit

Jake Gyllenhaal fronts the new Santos de Cartier campaign

BY Celine Yap | Mar 28, 2018 | News

You met him in Donnie Darko, you’ve seen him in Brokeback Mountain, and you loved him in Nightcrawler. Now you’ll see Jake Gyllenhaal in a new Cartier campaign.

Of all the different Cartier collections, Gyllenhaal is representing Santos de Cartier. Why? Because embodies the spirit and the values of that specific watch: integrity, dedication and boundless creativity.

Since 1904 the Santos de Cartier has been a story about absolute dedication. This watch was made by Louis Cartier himself for the Brazilian aviation pioneer, Albert Santos-Dumont.

Flying in those early days is nothing like what we have today, with auto-pilot and computers handling everything. No, it was a dangerous endeavour and the risk of losing your life was very real. Santos-Dumont was a friend of Cartier’s and requested a watch that made time telling easy for him when he’s piloting his airship. And like that, the iconic Santos watch was born.

Like Santos-Dumont, Gyllenhaal approaches life with invincible style and a fearless spirit. In fact the man defines fearlessness as being honest and true to yourself.

He wears the new and improved Santos de Cartier which has a more refined aesthetic marked by fluid lines and soft curves.