What Is An Understatement?

Allow Esquire and Daniel Wellington to demonstrate the notion of it.

BY Editors | Dec 21, 2017 | Advertorial

Showy is when you drive a sports car in a school zone. Showy is when you wear your high fashion loafers to the wet market. Showy is when you use a sesquipedalian word in a fashion spread. It’s a lot of bluster and “hey-look-at-me” these days but if you really want to get someone’s attention, subtlety is a choice currency. Daniel Wellington (DW) is a leading figure when it comes to minimalist timepieces. While DW’s recent inclusions of a white dial and NATO strap options to its collection might push the boundary of its Spartan aesthetics, the watches still maintain their austere appearance. 

As exemplified by aforementioned fashion spread, observe the versatility of the Classic Cornwall model—circled with rose gold, the white 36mm dial draws the eyes while complimenting the rest of the wardrobe and the NATO strap lends an attenuated edge to the entire ensemble. In a world full of noise, DW’s timeless look endures. 

Daniel Wellington’s new white dial and NATO strap and the rest of its collection are available at Daniel Wellington stores, including Raffles City, #B1-K4 and VivoCity, #01-K31 and online at