Always On Time With Tissot

Tissot reinvents a classic with the Ballade.

BY | Apr 20, 2017 | Advertorial

At its 160th anniversary back in 2013, Tissot burst onto the scene with the Powermatic 80. An automatic watch with 80 hours of power reserve got everyone salivating at the thought. Four years later, the Powermatic 80 movement has been revitalised through the Ballade Automatic range.

One of the ways that timepieces lose accuracy is by being magnetised. Coming into contact with magnetic fields—through mobile phones, televisions, even microwave ovens—tend to mess up with the balance spring of the watch and will continue to be impacted even as you moved away from these areas. Which is no mean feat, considering the world we are in right now with these products being ubiquitous in daily life. You lose seconds of your day, that add up as you go on.

Imagine the balance spring, oscillating for several hundred million times a year. The iron alloy has long been the material of choice for its durability because of this but even that succumbs to the daily wear, temperature changes and most pertinently the magnetism factor. Enter silicon. It doesn’t oxidise, it’s non-magnetic, it’s durable and is resistant to temperature changes. Compared to a standard automatic movement with an average of -12/+12 seconds each day, the new Powermatic 80 Si calibre (the chemical symbol for silicon if you remember chemistry) has an average accuracy of -4/+6 seconds each day.

That’s a COSC certified chronometer, at a price that’s extremely affordable for a movement of this calibre, folks. Of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and water-resistant up to 50 m, we particularly like the leather strap versions. In classic black and silver for the more staid business meetings and the brown leather/rose gold bezel for a smidge of pizzazz. At SGD 1380 and SGD 1460 respectively, that’s all you need to bring home this gorgeous piece of engineering.

Available at all Tissot boutiques.