Introducing Inventory's Bespoke Shirt Project

The reinvention of essential clothing.

BY Joy Ling | Oct 10, 2017 | News

Inventory presents the Bespoke Shirt Project, which invites creatives from different disciplines to reinvent the classic shirt. Take, for example, the interpretation by Theseus Chan, the award-winning Creative Director/Founder of creative agency WORK and WERK Magazine. He has chosen to meld Inventory’s bespoke tailoring with his own daily wardrobe staple: T-shirts. The result is nothing short of cool. The soft, cotton jersey bodice with sleeves is constructed in Inventory’s timeless style through an exposed seam technique that embodies Chan’s “perfect imperfection” motto. 

The finishing touch is a parable about shrewdness embedded artfully in white. The garment is available on a made-to-measure basis, but limited to only 10 pieces. Our advice: act now.

The ‘Theseus’ by Inventory will be launched on October 31, 2017.