G2000 Is Living Like It's Year 3017

While the rest of us are seeing out 2017.

BY Eugene Lim | Dec 18, 2017 | News

Overused “winter is coming” trope aside, what if you really are heading somewhere cold for a long overdue holiday, or just want to stave off frigid office temperatures? Well, G2000’s Winter ’17 collection has you covered, with its upgraded technological fabrics and revamped design. 

The Infusion of Warm Tech Program from which its outerwear is made absorbs heat from the sun, causing a molecular collision within the fabrics that generates even more heat, while the garments’ improved seams keep you warm but the rain out. 

It’s not all function without form though, as G2000 has reworked its go-to suit, with an emphasis on ergonomic design to accommodate a wider range of motion and the incorporation of stretch poly twill to ensure a more streamlined fit. 

Now, that’s how you go from work to play to holiday.