Coach Compiled 75 years Of New York Style In A Limited Edition Book

Is time travel possible?

BY Guan Tan | Oct 7, 2016 | News

Coach: A Story of New York Cool book and case

The Coach pocket bag, satchel bag, duffel bag, briefcase were there in the '50s, but here they are in almost-2017. Hypothetically present at two spatio-temporal locations, is that time-travel?

We are all time-travellers. We forward time at 1 hour/hour. It’s mind-blowing to grasp the latent potentiality behind travelling back in time–you can go back to the '80s to make sure you weren’t born, but that means…you wouldn’t even be here to time-travel. That’s another mind-screw session in parallel universes. 

Coming back to Coach and the magic of time, history and lives pinched into a brand–walk into a Coach boutique today and you'll find yourself standing in 75 glorious New York years condensed into a 600SQM box. Finding a place for history is the crux of any luxury retail store. If you want to know your favourite brand well, you walk into their exacting, curated spaces.

Because when you pick up a leather card holder, you will realise that the American brand was founded in the '40s, in the working-class milieu of post-war recovery. And that the roots of most luxury brands were humble. That’s what’s most venerable–Coach started as six leatherworkers who made billfolds and wallets by hand.

The tunes ringing through your head will tell you, “I did it my way. For what is a man, what has he got? If not himself, then he has naught.” That in the '50s, New York surfed on the tunes Frank Sinatra belted, and frenzied over the predecessors of Playboy and Vegas cultures–The Rat Pack.

It goes like this: “You look like a goddamn Rat Pack!”

Soon came the reactionary '60s when the civil rights movement traversed America. Across the Pacific in Swinging London was a generation of Baby Boomers obsessed with subculture – The Teddy Boys, the Mods, and Punks had a pound and pence more in their pockets, and rebelled against dressing like mini versions of their parents. The world in decade was ablaze with revolution, which ushered in the '70s – the hippies across America. Fast-forward to the new millennium, New York took another hit on 9/11. The Big Apple quickly bounced back and landed in a concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

Funny, but in 2016 we have sojourned back to the '40s and '50s in our heads. Time past never quite leaves us, does it?

Out there lays a little tale that once upon a time, the Coach duffel bag was synonymous with men about New York who carried drugs in them. There’s no way to confirm it online, but there’s a new book dropping on the October 22, titled Coach: A Story of New York Cool at Wisma Atria and Takashimaya. Get your fashion education fix, and maybe some answers in there.