Alexandre Matiussi Launches An Exclusive Collection On Farfetch

A capsule collection you need now.

BY JANIE CAI | Oct 4, 2017 | News

AMI X Farfetch exclusive capsule collection

Alexandre Mattiussi, heard of him? If you can tell your Ami from your Armani, you’re probably hyperventilating in your vintage Raf Simons jacket right now.  Mattiussi launched his label AMI in 2011 in Paris and since then has been steadily garnering a legion of loyal fans. It’s not hard to see why—AMI manages to encapsulate the perfect ground between the nonchalant elegance of the French, and the savvy, street-influenced style of a vibrant global youth culture. Mattiussi’s ability to deliver highly versatile, contemporary pieces—a denim jacket that combines raw Japanese indigo-dyed denim with blue wool cloth, for example, starts off as a wardrobe classic that in Mattiussi’s hands is elevated beyond the mundane—is just one of many reasons why his label has become a hot ticket for style mavens. This exclusive capsule on Farfetch champions the AMI aesthetic in its purest form—clean, contemporary silhouettes, crisp forms accented by bold colours and a sneaker offering that we can’t help but want. Now.

AMI capsule collection is available now on Farfetch.