Obtain A Celestial Glow With LAB Series' MAXELLENCE Line

A close encounter with a rare meteorite.

BY Wayne Cheong | Jun 15, 2017 | Grooming

Whenever a meteorite lands on earth, some curious yokel will venture out to the impact zone to examine the rock and, in a comic book scenario, attains superpowers. Or maybe radiation poisoning. We don’t know, it’s all speculation, but according to LAB Series, the skincare label took “rare meteorite extract” and used it in two products from the MAXELLENCE line: Dual Concentrate (pictured) and Singular Cream.

Use the two products in tandem and you’ll boost your skin’s natural production of “age-resisting” collagen, to smooth and firm your skin, all the while keeping the dermis hydrated. While we wait for a third-party scientist to corroborate the facial prowess of meteorite extract, at least, you get to boast you’re applying something that’s purportedly from the far reaches of space. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some superpowers during your skincare regimen.

The LAB Series’ MAXELLENCE The Singular Cream and MAXELLENCE The Dual Concentrate retail for SGD250 and SGD350 respectively, and are available at the LAB Series ION Orchard and LAB Series VivoCity outlets.