Esquire Recommends: Premium Barbers In Singapore

The Midas cut for a sleek hairdo and groomed beard.

BY Derrick Tan | Feb 22, 2017 | Grooming

Credits: Sultans of Shave

Remember the time when your parents lugged you to the neighbourhood salon for a haircut? The hairstyle snipped by the in-house barber is pretty much out of your hands and differs from recurring visits.

Now that you’ve grown up, sporting an unsuitable and sloppy coiffure will not do you any favours in receiving affections from your current or prospective squeeze. Fret not, you can salvage that and head to a credible barber for a flattering cut.

Barbershops in Singapore have mushroomed in recent years due to its no-frills under-one-roof cut and shave appeal done by skilled barbers. An old trade formerly found in selective back alleys, barbering in Singapore has since modernised to advocate classic neat ‘dos that keep you in style. With an apt haircut, you’ll gain approving nods from your elders without looking like ah gong (grandpa).



Credit: Autocutt


For The Saturday Night Fever Devotees

Striving to look as suave as John Travolta without the ah beng (gangster) vibes? Let the skilful fellas from Autocutt do a proper number on your hair and chin behind a fleet of tiki-inspired Kombi vans. To enhance that trim, get on Autocutt’s award-winning O’boy pomade that is suited for Asian manes.

A shave starts from SGD25 and a haircut starts from SGD35. Located at 68 Yio Chu Kang Road.


Credit: Sultans of Shave


For The Bristly Dictators
Sultans of Shave

No modern towkay (business owner) or managerial honcho will be respected if he looks scruffy. If you are guilty of that, allow the dedicated team of Sultans of Shave to spruce you up. With a mission to preserve the barbering trade in Singapore, foresee an absolute attention like a consultation before every cut and shave to ensure that you are swoon-worthy.

A shave starts from SGD40 and a haircut starts from SGD48. Located at #02-01, 11 North Canal Road.


Credit: Premium Barbers


For The Great American Cut
Premium Barbers

Pledge allegiance to the Americana at this barber. Being the first upscale States-style barbershop in Singapore, old school barbering and shaves are held in high regard without neglecting the indulgent experience of shoeshines and spa treatments.

A shave and a haircut start from SGD45. Located at #01-55, Block 55 Tiong Bahru Road.


Credit: Jermyn Street


For The One Who Reminisces Great Britain
Jermyn Street

Hailing from London’s Jermyn Street, this sole overseas outlet of Jermyn Street barbershops bears the iconic refinement of a gentlemen’s club. You can save yourself a trip to Britain and still look just as spiffy with the detailed clippings and precision shaves from the barbers. Just make sure Amoy Street doesn’t appear in your picture if you are going to tease that you had your hair done in London.

A shave starts from SGD70.00 and a haircut starts from SGD55. Located at 108 Amoy Street.


Credit: We Need A Hero


For All The Tools In The Shed
We Need A Hero

In search of a headquarter that provides a well-equipped grooming assistance? We Need A Hero has the supplies to mould a zero into a halo. No fuzzy body part will be neglected as it provides every imaginable grooming service that ranges from haircuts to shaving and manscaping. You’ll be as smooth as a baby’s bottom, we’ll say.

A shave starts from SGD35 and a haircut starts from SGD55. Located at #01-86, 57 Eng Hoon Street.


Credit: Truefitt & Hill


For The Royal Family Treatment
Truefitt & Hill

In terms of seniority, Truefitt & Hill claims that honour as the oldest barbershop in the world since 1805 and is Guinness-certified. Expect no less of an uplifting cut and shave from a recognised traditional gentlemen’s barber that has distinguished members of the royal family as its customers. Take note: noble titles are not included.

A shave starts from SGD60 and a haircut starts from SGD75. Located at 9 Ann Siang Road.