These Danish Soaps Are Gorgeous

With materials from a Northern Jutland tree sap, these are too special for the nether regions.

BY Wayne Cheong | Jan 17, 2017 | Grooming

Photograph by Ronald Leong.


Your average soap is a lie. What’s in it is as spurious as the claims embedded in its press release. The stuff they say about it being organic and liberated from chemicals? Not true. All you have to do is to scan the ingredients label for the skinny. Then along comes this relatively unknown brand, Badeanstalten, that offers an unstretched truth. No sulfates, no triclosans, human fat (brrr); their products are as pure as the snow that litters the lands around this Danish brand. Badeanstalten’s soaps are handmade and attractive enough to eat (don’t). Fashioned from raw materials like honey and a Northern Jutland tree sap, the bars do what they’re intended to do: cleanse, and they do it well.

Soap bars, SGD18.50 each, by Badeanstalten. Available at Takashimaya, Redmart and Visceral Goods.