Your Face Will Find A Good Companion In Allies Of Skin

It'll never weather the storm alone.

BY Wayne Cheong | Dec 26, 2017 | Grooming

Image from Allies of Skin (@alliesofskin)

Homegrown isn’t easy. We live in a concrete jungle where our dream seeds can find no purchase within the asphalt ground. Then, along comes Nicholas Travis who made the news after he reportedly earned SGD700,000 in a year with just three skincare products under his company, Allies of Skin. 

Collectively known as the 24/7 Kit, they are designed to be the foundation of any skincare regimen. The 1A All-Day Mask (50ml, SGD109) hydrates, firms and protects against pollution and the elements; the alcohol-free Molecular Saviour Toner Mist (50ml, SGD79) heals with hydration; and the 1A Overnight Mask (50ml, SGD139) detoxifies and nourishes tired skin as you sleep. 

Since then, Allies of Skin’s product line may have expanded into more solutions for niche derma problems, but if you’re not fussed, try the 24/7 Kit.

Allies of Skin’s 24/7 Kit retails for SGD317 and is available online.