A Glossy Book On Bespoke Shoe Porn By Australian Author Gary Tok

165 photographs of 11 master shoemakers from around the world that took 5 years to put together.

BY Janie Cai | Dec 29, 2016 | Shoes

Vanda Fine Clothing


It’s not difficult to recognise a labour of love, especially one that has taken five years. Gary Tok’s passion for beautifully made handcrafted shoes is now a collection-worthy tome.

Presenting 11 master shoemakers from England, France, Germany and Italy, Master Shoemakers: The Art and Soul of Bespoke Shoes is the first book of its kind to focus on the artistry of bespoke men’s shoes.



Each chapter explores the personal stories and showcases the works of a renowned master shoemaker through 165 beautiful original photographs. 

Featuring Anthony Delos, Hidetaka Fukaya, Dimitri Gomez, George and Anthony Cleverley, Emiko Matsuda of Foster & Sons, John Lobb Bootmakers and Tony Gaziano, amongst select others, it is one man’s paean to the art of bespoke shoe-making and its maestros.



And for those who wish to level up, there is also a connoisseur's edition. Limited to 30 pieces, it includes a gift box, a special book sleeve and a limited edition 100 percent silk pocket square printed in Como, Italy, which is exclusively handsewn by Vanda Fine Clothing.

Master Shoemakers: The Art and Soul of Bespoke Shoes is now available from Vanda Fine Clothing.