This Brand's New Collection Is Carefully Crafted and Cool as Hell

Visvim's latest lookbook is proof that old-school techniques are still exciting.

BY Scott Christian | Feb 27, 2017 | Fashion

Photographs by Visvim

This past fall, Visvim went heavy on the vintage Americana, with a lineup of peacoats, duffle coats, and lumberjack shirts that drew considerable inspiration from our country's blue-collar past. For fall 2017, however, founder Hiroki Nakamura has turned his gaze back to his native country, releasing a lookbook of clothes, footwear, and accessories that draw heavily on techniques used by the ancient Japanese.

Along with the Visvim standards of hoodies, tees, and denim, there's a kimono-style coat that has been treated with lacquer (traditionally a method used for samurai armour), and is then worked in until a perfect, cracked texture is achieved. There's also the shearling jacket made of leather that takes 10 months to create, of which only four will be made.

Much of the collection focuses on similar ancient Japanese techniques, many of which are in danger of being forgotten. Like the puffer vest—based on old military safety vests—which features a checked pattern resembling those used by an ancient Japanese aboriginal tribe called the Ainu, where each square is hand-brushed with persimmon jam to give the fabric a richer texture.

And sticking with the military theme, there are also canvas parkas and trench coats, which are made from yarns of varying widths to give the material an uneven appearance, and are cut in the loose, unstructured fits popular at the moment.

Overall the collection is the perfect melding of East meets West—and old meets new—that we've come to expect from Nakamura's much-loved brand. Check out the rest of the looks below.




From: Esquire US