Supreme x Brooklyn Machine Works Bike: 5 Other Things To Spend $67k On

One of the rarest Supreme items has resurfaced

BY Asri Jasman | Mar 23, 2018 | Fashion

The holy grail of all things Supreme, @supreme_leaks_news, highlighted that the ultra rare Supreme x Brooklyn Machine Works bicycle has resurfaced. And it’s up for grabs, for only SGD67,000 (approximated from USD47,000).

Posted on Strictlypreme—the eBay of the Supreme world—the red-hot set of wheels was released back in 1998 with only 36 pieces made available to the public. Just in case you have no idea how rare this collaboration piece is; Brooklyn Machine Works has since halted its operations. So even if you wanted something of a similar make and quality, you can’t get it.

If you don’t want to spend that amount of money on a 20-year-old bicycle that probably hasn’t seen much sun, here are some ideas of what $67,000 can get you.

1. COEs for six motorcycles ($7,600 each)

You could probably just successfully bid on one COE for a motorcycle (based on March 2018’s second open bidding exercise for Category D) and then spend the rest on a really spiffy model. Then, actually use it on the road.

2. 17 Reissued Waxed Cotton Gabardine Car Coats by Burberry ($3,700 each)

Why? Because this particular car coat is technically older than the Supreme x Brooklyn Machine Works bicycle. Probably the only other way you’ll get the Burberry original is to scour thrift shops the world over. 17 coats vs one bicycle? Doesn’t seem like much of a brainteaser.

3. 35 iPhoneXs ($1,888 each for 256GB)

That’s also the number of bicycles you can book from Ofo, oBike or Mobike; at the same time.

4. 42 Jodhpur boots by Saint Laurent ($1,560 each via Mr Porter)

Saint Laurent boots are arguably one of the priciest and sexiest pairs in the world of luxury. A Supreme bicycle? Not so much.

5. 558 Supreme bricks ($120 each via StockX)

558 Supreme bricks can’t build you a Trump-sized wall. But, you could use them to makeshift furniture in place of the home renovation you now definitely can’t afford.