Put A Ring (Jacket) On It

Stylishly Italian and featherweight, thanks to Japanese engineering.

BY Nick Sullivan | Feb 2, 2017 | Fashion

Jacket, SGD2,784* by Ring Jacket; bracelet, SGD9,797* by Cartier. Photograph by Ben Goldstein. *Denotes translated price.


Ring Jacket’s objective is simple: to make lightweight, extremely elegant clothes. With minimal structure—a natural shoulder, a gentle midsection—a Ring Jacket garment looks and feels very Italian, especially when you slip it on. Yes, its spiritual home is Naples, but curiously enough, the line was founded 63 years ago in Osaka by Jhoichi Fukushima, who wanted to create a more bespoke version of the Ivy-style tailoring that was then gripping Americana-obsessed Japan.

In the intervening years, Italian style brought a new ease and lightness to the tailoring favoured by Japanese and American men, and Ring created its unique style through pieces like the Balloon Jacket (a name that, to us, suggests it’s lighter than air). But you don’t need to go to Tokyo to get a Ring—they’re now available in New York at the Armoury, one of the new-generation brick-and-mortar stores that is cannily making classic clothes modern again.

Ring Jacket is also available at Colony Clothing.