Local Brand To Know: Omitir Concepts

Local design duo, Darren Loke and Bryan Teo, showcase their latest collection of handmade leather accessories

BY Janie Cai | Nov 4, 2016 | Fashion

Bryan Teo, 30, and Darren Loke, 26—founders of Omitir Concepts.

A homegrown, leather accessories label that started in 2012 and has chalked up five collections to date, totalling 43 different product styles, including bags, pouches, belts, and caps.

Stemming from a shared loved of well-made clothing and accessories, the boys credit their voracious consumption of fashion in their youth, with planting the seed for Omitir. Citing examples of progressive designers such as Roman Maurizio Amadei, as inspiration points, Teo explains it candidly, "You know when you see something and it's damn nice and you just really, really want it? Well, we went back and thought about what exactly it was about the stuff that we liked, which made us want it so much. And slowly we refined that into an aesthetic that became Omitir." Obsessive embellishments are omitted and each piece is focused on conveying utilitarianism with individualism. Which is where the name stems from—'Omitir' means 'omit' in Spanish. What Loke and Teo aim to create is a series of products that reject an emphasis on branding (no obvious logos save for a very discreet series of dots debossed onto the leather, which forms the word "Omitir' in braille), and focus instead on the tactile nature of the leather and fine craftsmanship.

Darren Loke and Bryan Teo of leather accessories label Omitir.

Their label is currently in its fifth year but this is the first time the boys are fronting the label officially, having kept it under the radar for the first few years as their day-jobs took precedence. Still, it has been successful even from the start, with their first two collections selling out completely. The current product tally at Omitir stands at 43 different designs, each painstakingly handmade using different types of premium quality leather from around the world, including Kangaroo skin leather from Australia, cowhide leather from Italy and goatskin from Indonesia.

'Limbs' collection. Image by Omitir Concepts.

 'Limbs' collection. Image by Omitir Concepts.

What's cool:
Teo and Loke craft all the bags by hand, and spend time experimenting with the leathers to achieve a distinctive texture and softness. They’ve experimented with washing the leather, treating it with various resins, washing it with pebbles and stones and processing it in unorthodox ways, all to achieve interesting finishes. Each collection is based on a single word, which works as an initial inspiration point (think ‘Tripoli’, ‘ Limbs’ and ‘Khloros’). And, although the abstraction may veer towards the gothic at times ("Black leather symbolizes death, the new leather resembles skin that is 'naked'", says Loke with a grin). The end result is fully functional, lightweight pieces that carefully tread the path between raw beauty and refined silhouettes. The hardware isn't neglected either—the metal buckles all feature a hand-forged textural finish, which together with the hardy Excella zippers, complements perfectly the understated but refined aesthetic of the final product.

Find them online at here (they also ship worldwide so don't let distance stop you).