Enter The New Minimalism Of Menswear

You値l look sharp and have the cure for decision fatigue.

BY Nick Sullivan | Nov 24, 2017 | Fashion

Do you ever look at all the fashion available to men today and wish there were just a little less of it? We have been coached (or coaxed) over the past 15 years into a kind of easy fluency with the language our clothes speak. We know that everything from the colour of our shoelaces to the cut of our T-shirt telegraphs something of our identity. And so getting dressed each morning is less a question of “What should I wear?” and more “Who should I be?”

Daunting, we know. Which is why it can help to draw inspiration from men whose clothes say very little but say it very well. Take Brit actor Matt Smith, photographed at a polo match near London back in the spring. He wears a double-breasted chalk-stripe suit, broken-in O’Keeffe derbies, a white shirt, and a knit tie, accessorised with tortoiseshell shades and a trademark smirk. Smith ticks all the boxes here, outdressing the blazer-and-ripped-jeans dress code of the smart set with fewer ingredients and more taste. 

Matt Smith

Men today have more sartorial choices than ever, and we’re glad they do. Smith’s spare and simple approach shows that sometimes standing out from the crowd is all about choosing to stand back.

The look is streamlined, but not Mad Men. Seek out simple suit cloths without any shine, subtle patterns and a trim but comfortable fit. When in doubt, look to these Hollywood pros (or go further back, to debonair French singer Jacques Dutronc).