ESQ&A: CEO Of Moncler, Remo Ruffini

Esquire speaks to Remo Ruffini about his plans for Moncler Genius, what ignited his love for the brand, and his thoughts on collaborating with other creatives.

BY Eugene Lim | Feb 20, 2018 | Fashion

Images by Moncler

ESQ: Can you tell us more about the decision behind the move from two separate men’s and women’s shows into one combined event? 

Remo Ruffini: Moncler has constantly found new ways of expressing itself offering through the years' collections that, cultivating the uniqueness of the brand, have been synonymous with creativity, vision, surprise, and imagination. The idea to combine the collections was the natural evolution of a constant investigation of a new creative direction. I do believe that creativity has no boundaries, Moncler Genius has been conceived as a hub of exceptional creative minds, that have worked together under the same brand, Moncler.

ESQ: Why did you decide to end both the Moncler Gamme Rouge and Moncler Gamme Bleu line? 

Remo Ruffini: Moncler has been accompanied by key figures such as Giambattista Valli and Thom Browne who, along with myself have supported the development of both Moncler Gamme Rouge and Moncler Gamme Bleu over the years. With their commitment and dedication and outstanding focus, not to mention the strong empathy with the brand’s values, they have achieved recognition and admiration worldwide. With the aim to commit themselves to their respective own brands, Giambattista Valli, Thom Browne and I agreed on the fact that Moncler was to naturally evolve and expand towards other horizons. For this reason, the Moncler Gamme Rouge and Moncler Gamme Bleu collections will be drawing to a close with the Spring/Summer 2018 season.

ESQ: Tell us about the Moncler Genius Building and the unveiling of the new collections for Moncler by eight different designer collaborations

Remo Ruffini: Creativity and multiplicity are the base of the Moncler Genius group which will be presented as a whole in the Moncler Genius Building on 20 February—the opening night of Milan Fashion Week—but the collections will be released one at a time through single monthly editorial projects. Each collection will have a specific launch based on a 360° communication plan. By the time the Moncler Genius Building rematerializes in Moncler’s boutiques, they become the venue of the multiplicity embodying the specialty store’s energy.

CEO of Moncler, Remo Ruffini

ESQ: You talked about persuading your mother to buy you a Moncler jacket when you were 14. What was the attraction to the brand for you then and is it something you try to recreate in the current collections? 

Remo Ruffini: I was a youngster living in Como and I used to go to school with my scooter. Winter was very cold and I asked for my first light blue Moncler jacket from my mom. That moment will be in my memory for the rest of my life. The great heritage and history of Moncler was the main reason I was attracted to the brand. It was quite unique to find a brand with such an outstanding heritage and strong DNA. Tradition, innovation, and quality are and will continue to be at the heart of the brand.

ESQ: What do you feel separates a Moncler down jacket from your competition? 

Remo Ruffini: Moncler has always been an outstanding brand. Quality and performance make Moncler jackets unique and we are always working on keeping the roots alive. I do believe that is the integrity of the past which holds the key to a healthy future, and this will continue to be our distinctive mark.

Moncler Genius collaborators

ESQ: Moncler has worked with some amazing collaborators, from the ongoing Greg Lauren and Craig Green collection to the most recent collaboration with Valentino for their FW18 collection. Why do you think that Moncler has become the go-to for collaborations? 

Remo Ruffini: All the artistic partnerships the brand has worked on always gives a unique interpretation of the Moncler world. Moncler always adopts a contemporary and global approach to research in a tireless quest for innovation. 

ESQ: With all these collaborations, is it ever a concern for you that Moncler becomes unrecognisable due to brand dilution? 

Remo Ruffini: I think that creativity has no boundaries. All our partnerships have been a fundamental exercise for Moncler to find new ways of expressing itself while being faithful to the brand philosophy. Moncler has constantly offered through these collaborations, new interpretations of its iconic jackets, proposing an individual and unrestrained style, with a clear objective: keeping the Moncler DNA.

ESQ: What is your greatest fear before entering a new project and collaboration? 

Remo Ruffini: Let me just say that challenge is our credo and energy drives us forward. 

ESQ: What have been the key success drivers for Moncler? How have you managed to create a label that enjoys such strong brand recognition today? 

Remo Ruffini: Moncler has always been synonymous with performance and style, mountain and city, technology and nature. Yet it is also about unrivalled craftsmanship when it comes to combining style, refinement, and innovation. This is how the Group has been able to climb the highest summits.