Chinese Actor, Hu Bing in La Perla

There is more to La Perla than sexy lingerie.

BY Eugene Lim | Jun 2, 2017 | Fashion

Photographs by Ronald Leong, Styling by Eugene Lim. Wool stretch suit and wool, cashmere and silk pullover, both by La Perla.

If you were expecting to see Chinese actor Hu Bing, a fully grown, exceptional good-looking man, showcasing a multitude of ways in which you can wear women's lingerie, then we at Esquire apologise for setting you up for failure.

We understand why you might be mistaken, after all the Italian Maison has built a sterling reputation, one that has made them synonymous with the best (not to mention sexiest) lingerie that money can buy.

Wool, silk and cotton stretch coat and merino wool pullover, both by La Perla. Trousers, model’s own.

Alas, success can be a double edge sword. While their women's offering dominated the consciousness of the public, La Perla has been quietly producing quality men's undergarments and T-shirts for over 40 years.

Not content with resting their laurels, they have ramped their menswear offering, an expansion of the La Perla Men's wardrobe, so to speak.

Silk robe, merino wool pullover, and wool stretch trousers, all by La Perla.

Think plush pullovers, swimwear (as seen on Daniel Craig, in his debut as James Bond in Casino Royale), loungewear and our personal favourite - wrinkle resistant suits.

So no lingerie this time, but in the words of Hu Bing himself, a collection that could truly take you from day to night.