How Do You Dress For Work In Summer?

Start with the cloth, not the clothes.

BY Jon Roth | Aug 30, 2017 | Fashion

Photograph by Ben Goldstein

You’d think we would have gotten the hang of “office casual” by now. Most guys have had years to practise. But it’s surprisingly tough to look both polished and relaxed in a season when personal climate control can outweigh personal style. So we’ll let you in on a secret: it’s not so much what you wear but what it’s made of. 

Take this blazer. It’s a blend of lightweight wool and cool silk. Easy, but sharp. Wearing it with a plain cotton tee would be like chasing Laphroaig with Mountain Dew. Instead, find clothes within the same family of luxe materials. Like this superthin-gauge wool knit (light enough to wear in summer) or this cotton-and-cashmere long-sleeved polo (softer and smoother than cotton alone). Wear them with white denim and dressed-up leather sneakers and you’ll stay cool and collected in the office, and look just plain cool wherever you head next.

Jacket, SGD3,869*, sweater, SGD824*, shirt, SGD685*, jeans, SGD588*, and sneakers, SGD685* by Ermenegildo Zegna; sunglasses, SGD471* by Tom Ford.

*Denotes translated price

This article was first published in Esquire Singapore, August 2017.