Aitor Throup And G-Star RAW Presents The Latest From Raw Research

The creative director of G-Star RAW delivers his latest collection from his ongoing collaboration with the label.

BY Shawn Wu | Jul 4, 2017 | Fashion

Aitor Throup is a conceptualist in every sense of the word. For a good part of the last decade, the 36-year-old multidisciplinary designer has pushed the boundaries of fashion design through his highly conceptual collections. Integrating anatomy, installation, performance and sculpture, the Argentinian designer is best known for his approach that defies traditional understandings of fashion presentation. Throup’s collections are presented through different mediums, ranging from wireframe sculptures to video and they are developed over an extended period with a significant focus on research and conceptualisation.

Over the years, Throup honed his craft through his New Object Research menswear label, as well as frequent collaborations with fashion labels such as C.P. Company and Stone Island. Throup’s work is coveted for its limited availability as well as the technical engineering employed in the construction of his garments. Every piece is thoughtfully considered, presenting a comfortable balance between conceptualisation and construction. It was not long before Throup was recognised within the fashion industry as a force to be reckoned with. In 2013, Throup began his tenure as a creative consultant at G-Star RAW and was appointed as the label's creative director in October 2016.

Aitor Throup now helms RAW Research—a collaboration between him and the label. Using the existing archive of denim experimentation conducted over the years by G-Star RAW, Throup injects his own signature twist to create denim sculptures and three-dimensional jeans. These pieces continue to express his dedication towards ergonomic and technical design.

This season, Throup delivers another signature collection with the second installment of RAW Research, aptly named RAW Research II, that continues to push the boundaries of experimentation and ergonomics from its predecessor. Some of the signature pieces in the collection include the Motac-X jeans and Empral jacket, which draw inspiration from motocross garment construction and classic denim design. Boasting a selection of T-shirts, jackets and even shoes, RAW Research II promises everyday wardrobe staples with an experimental twist.

The RAW Research II collection is now available exclusively at L’armoire Singapore and at