Keeping Your Vocabulary Up To Date In Fendi Fall/Winter 2017

Words to live by.

BY Lestari Hairul | Sep 13, 2017 | Fashion

What’s the best way to deal with a world that’s falling apart? That strange human tendency to laugh in the face of awful things, as an unexpected reaction, as a form of defiance, seems present throughout Silvia Fendi’s Fall/Winter ’17 collection. Maybe there’s that touch of the fashion world’s enviable ability to carry on with the show regardless. World War III on the horizon? It’s okay; deck yourselves out in stylish wear and it’s going to be #finefreshfierce. We’ve described in a previous issue the products that helpfully remind you, in extremely laconic ways, Hemingway’s dictums distilled according to Fendi. But perhaps you need more than just a set of leather products to keep you on the up and up.

Ever practical—it’s important—while still maintaining the ability to truly showcase your personality, the clothes of Fendi Vocabulary are similarly completed with words that serve to remind and inspire. That white shearling coat will keep you warm and toasty, but did you know that it’s also going to help you to say YES to BLISS so you must HOPE, TRUST and TRY no matter what comes your way (like an unusually cold day at the office)? The olive hooded parka is devoid of any vocabulary, but hey, it’s reversible. Complete this look with the folding-chair backpack that will remind you to THINK FENDI even when your compulsion is to do otherwise.

This article was first published in the print edition of Esquire Singapore, September 2017.