Decode The Word Play in Fendi's FW17-18 Collection

It's all about the vocabulary.

BY Lestari Hairul | Jul 5, 2017 | Fashion

Arguably the manliest of all the manly writers, Ernest Hemingway inspires this collection from Fendi. His oft aped, sometimes parodied, laconic way with words has been reproduced for FENDI VOCABULARY, in a set of simple expressions that purport to represent fundamental and universal values.

THINK, implores a small leather pouch, could possibly make you stop and reconsider that extra serving of bacon with your fry-up. The bright yellow and the red of the bag contrasts with the black and the teal of the words, thus eye-catching and all the better to remind you that man is who he is because he thinks. Or does not, it goes both ways, really. 

HOPE relies less on contrast and more on the fact that it runs across a bright red leather backpack. In a packed MRT station, in an unmoving line for god-knows-what, the bag stands out like a beacon asking the person behind you to do just that. Hope that this godawful torture will soon end, until then please appreciate the beautiful workmanship of this maison while we wait.

Silvia Venturini Fendi says of her designs: “We worked with the word FENDI and with the FENDI logo because for us it represents a very important value, like the other keywords used in the collection. It is not just a simple word or a brand logo. It represents the history of a maison of almost 100 years, made of values like tradition, passion, and love.” And thus, those very values that you can contemplate with their snazzily-designed camera cases and travel backpacks. The latter of which comes complete with a folding chair, a thermos and a travel pillow.

All that you would need—FENDI is practical as ever—for your next camping trip or the next time you find yourself stranded at an airport.

FENDI's Vocabulary pop-up for men is located at Marina Bay Sands from now till 16 July 2017