Fendi's Iconic Pequin Stripe Goes Vibrant With A Touch Of John Booth

Colour me good.

BY Eugene Lim | Feb 9, 2017 | Fashion

Photograph by Ronald Leong.


Fashion and art have always been comfortable bedfellows, and the amalgamation of the two has resulted in many of the iconic works that we see today. Case in point: Fendi’s iconic Pequin (pronounced “pee-kan”) stripe, the brainchild of Karl Lagerfeld who sought to create a fabric that would be synonymous with the logo of the house. He looked to something that he was familiar with, and the result reflects the dark brown pelt of the pekan (from which the Pequin gets its name) and the work of famed Austrian architect, Josef Hoffmann.

If it took the meeting of art and fashion to birth an icon, it’s no surprise that Silvia Fendi roped in multidisciplinary artist, John Booth, to add a healthy dose of fun, when it came time for an update.

Booth, known for his riotous use of saturated colours, as well as abstract geometric shapes in his work, has chosen to reinterpret the Pequin print in broad, hand-painted watercolour strokes.

But no one-trick pony, the Booth collaboration sees him giving the Fendi Faces a Cubist-style facelift with multi-coloured leather appliqués in the form of flowers and clouds that appear throughout the SS17 collection on polos, charms and key chains, forming an abstract patchwork.

While you might not be rushing to replace your trusty, brown briefcase with these updated Pequin bags any time soon, they’re certainly perfect for when you are off-duty. After all, you know what they say about zebras, right? They’re just horses that are ready to party.