How To Wear: A COS Cotton Double-Breasted Jacket

An outerwear for tough days ahead.

BY Eugene Lim | Mar 23, 2017 | Fashion

Photograph by Ronald Leong

A good friend once told me that, while I have the chance, I should take the opportunity to wear all the nice things that I own.

You mean that plush leather bomber that is usually reserved for date nights?

“Wear it every night.”

What about that suede double-breasted pinstripe jacket?

“Wear it with a T-shirt and jeans if you have to.”

Even that three-piece suit in a wool-and-cashmere blend that I usually only break out for special occasions?

“Wear it to work on a random Monday; hell, wear it every single day. When you get a child of your own, and the poor bastard decides to puke on you, there is no dropping the baby to clean up after yourself. You pat him, comfort him, and tell him that it’s alright, even though you are crying on the inside and know that it’s not.”

Pearls of fatherhood wisdom.

As you enter fatherhood, pragmatism dictates your choice of outfits. You should opt for something roomy so that you can flex those ninja reflexes. It should also be light and comfortable because you’re going to get a workout like no other, and preferably in a material that isn’t precious and doesn’t break the bank (cos you need that extra cash for diapers and stuff).

Like this double-breasted jacket from COS, that comes with all the prerequisites, yet still cuts a stylish silhouette. The neutral brown will meld nicely with the rest of your wardrobe, which means significantly less time thinking about your outfit, but never veering into sloppy territory.

Fatherhood can be daunting, but the best days are the ones where you are cradling your child, and he is smiling back at you. And better yet, now you have the right armour to get you through the tough ones.

Dennis Ng, 34, investor and philanthropist wears a cotton double-breasted jacket by COS; linen shirt and cotton shirt, both by UNIQLO; leather sneakers by Adidas Originals.

This article was first published in the print edition of Esquire Singapore, March 2017.