A 7-Year Journey Around The World With Kim Jones Comes To An End

Looking back at the award-winning English designer's greatest hits at Louis Vuitton.

BY Derrick Tan | Jan 19, 2018 | Fashion

Images: Courtesy

January 18th, 2018. The day that Kim Jones, artistic director of menswear at Louis Vuitton, took a final bow at the French label’s Fall/Winter 2018 show in Paris. Jones is leaving on a career-high, a year after showing the Internet-breaking collaboration with legendary streetwear brand, Supreme (Fall/Winter 2017). No stranger to streetwear, the English designer has fused it with luxury since his debut collection for Louis Vuitton in 2012. 

The traveller's spirit also inspired the globe-trotting Jones, as he showcased a utilitarian approach with his past collections. From the striking East-African Masai blue-and-red plaids (Spring/Summer 2012) to the iconic Christopher Nemeth motif (Fall/Winter 2015), here's a short visual recap of the key looks from Jones' 7-year career at Louis Vuitton.


First 2 from left: Spring/Summer 2012. First 2 from right: Fall/Winter 2012.


First 2 from left: Spring/Summer 2013. First 2 from right: Fall/Winter 2013.


First 2 from left: Spring/Summer 2014. First 2 from right: Fall/Winter 2014.


First 2 from left: Spring/Summer 2015. First 2 from right: Fall/Winter 2015.


First 2 from left: Spring/Summer 2016. First 2 from right: Fall/Winter 2016.


First 2 from left: Spring/Summer 2017. First 2 from right: Fall/Winter 2017.


First 2 from left: Spring/Summer 2018. First 2 from right: Fall/Winter 2018.