Uniqlo Gets The Tomas Maier Touch

It's a perfect match.

BY Joy Ling | Feb 23, 2018 | Fashion


If brands were people, Uniqlo would be crowned The People’s Man. Its functional, stylish and affordable. Plus, they present great collaborations with respected industry insiders, whose vision aligns so perfectly with the brand. Inviting Tomas Maier is surely another ideal match. Founder of his namesake label and creative director of Bottega Veneta, Maier is strong at giving carefully constructed pieces that are considerate to your daily life. We’d call it “beautiful normcore”, but we know it is much more than that. Here, Maier infuses his casual, holiday philosophy into Uniqlo’s innovative, high quality fabrics. In a shared language of simplicity, the resulting range speaks of a designed lifestyle. It’s exciting because now, we get to own wardrobe essentials of outstanding technological make, with a distinct timeless touch.

The collection would be available early summer at select Uniqlo stores and online at