G2000's New Campaign For S/S17 Celebrates Finding Value In Work

G2000 shifts its focus to Gen 2 and celebrates what it sees as their “Work for Values” philosophy with a new campaign.

BY JANIE CAI | Mar 24, 2017 | Fashion

Image by G2000


Many a young person has gone for their first proper work interview clad in a G2000 suit, after all, it’s affordable and serves its purpose well enough. I remember a dark grey work jacket that I proudly wore to my first formal interview application to be a relief teacher, it was made from a non-crease, synthetic material but it fit my skinny frame well enough. I got the job and the jacket was left to languish in a corner of my wardrobe, like a prized war chariot gathering dust in times of peace. The next time I took it out again was to attend an event I was covering at my first media internship. I was green around the ears and inadvertently spilled some wine on myself—then stood staring at the spot, bemused at the way the dark liquid just rolled right off, leaving nary a stain.  “WAH!” I thought to myself, possibly intoxicated by the media free-flow. “How’s that for added value."

A decade later, and I still spill wine but the brand has definitely evolved. They still do work wear, but now there’s a whole new range of materials and silhouettes that have been updated to suit today’s fussy (or butterfingered) clients. To celebrate this, the label has decided to look back at their roots for this season's campaign, taking inspiration from what they do best—office-centric work wear. Out goes the stuffy suit from the yesteryears, making way for the contemporary unconstructed suit that provides a much-welcomed flattering silhouette. The removal of shoulder padding allows a natural drape on the body and its slim fit construction retains the gravitas of the suit. Pair this with a crisp white shirt for a smart look that you can take to the boardroom or outfit it with a solid tee for an accented weekend wear.

In fact, G2000 wants to celebrate a new generation, one whose work philosophy is not limited just to chasing the ‘Five C’s’ but rather, ties in with the act of creating value—both for themselves as well as the community at large. The brand has teamed up with five personalities, including Nicholas Ng of Foodbank, a man who’s no stranger to the pages of Esquire Singapore (check out our Men Of Our Time July 2016 feature), to show that G2000’s new ‘Work for Values’ campaign is for everyone who rises to the challenge of making their career more than just a payslip.

Featuring model Presley Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s son), as well as cross- media artist Kearen Pang, social entrepreneur Carol Chyau, Food Bank founder Nicholas Ng, and green architect Jaye Irving.


Image by G2000


Nicholas Ng – Co-founder of The Food Bank Singapore

Work for Humanity: “Nothing should go to waste, no one should go hungry”

Co-creator of The Food Bank Singapore (FBS), Nicholas Ng has turned a childhood growing up around his family’s food distribution business into a mission to create a centralised coordinating organisation for all food donations in Singapore. With initiatives like the Breakfast cereal programme, where 100,000 meals are given to the disadvantaged every year, FBS has given him the opportunity to reduce, redistribute and recycle food waste to help people in need.


Image by G2000


Presley Gerber – New Generation Model

Work for Self-Respect: “Living gratefully is a form of self-respect.”

The son of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, Presley Gerber is one of the world’s hottest up-and-coming male models, and has been called - along with his sister Kaia—‘the next Gigi and Bella Hadid’. Presley has been featured in American Vogue and Vogue Paris, modelled for Calvin Klein, and walked the catwalk for Moschino and Dolce & Gabbana. Proudly wearing a tattoo on his arm that says ‘be grateful’, Presley has an inspiring self- pride and confidence and chose G2000 as his first advertising campaign in Asia.


Image by G2000


Kearen Pang – Cross-media Artist 

Work for Arts: “You need to step out to see how your story unfolds”

Over the past 15 years, the charismatic Kearen Pang has showcased her talents in screenwriting, directing and acting. In 2009, named her one of 20 People to Watch in Hong Kong for scripts “full of subtle drama and stealthy sentimentality that creeps into audiences’ hearts”. In 2016, Kearen adapted and directed 29+1—her most significant work to date. Also an author of three inspirational books, Kearen has been named one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Hong Kong by Junior Chamber International Hong Kong


Image by G2000


Carol Chyau – Social Entrepreneur 

Work for Hope: “To give the helpless a sustainable hope”

The co-founder of SHOKAY, a company that develops premium products from yak down, Carol Chyau was named one of China's Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 by Forbes in 2012. SHOKAY produces clothing, accessories, and yarn from yak fibres made by Chinese herders, providing them with a sustainable income. Many of the items are also hand-knitted by women in rural areas. Carol was named an Asia Finalist for the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards in 2009 and believes that lifestyle aesthetics, commercial marketing, and social consciousness can be mutually compatible.


Image by G2000


Jaye Irving – Award-winning Architect 

Work for Green: “It’s not about grand design, but working with nature”

Jaye has been flying the green banner of sustainability for nearly eighteen years, designing green housing models that aim to reduce the impact of housing on the environment. In 2013 Jaye designed ‘The Hemp Home’, a sustainable house built with second-hand building materials and hemp construction. His extensive knowledge of renewable energy systems and ecological design has seen him win two national design awards and bring numerous sustainable building, food and sewage practices to developing nations like India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.


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