Five Pieces We Want: COACH X Gary Baseman SS17

Coach continues its collaboration with the artist for S/S17. Hooray!

BY Janie Cai | Apr 25, 2017 | Fashion

Gary Baseman is perhaps best known for his iconic cat figure Toby—a wide-eyed fictional character who loves wholeheartedly, a painted protagonist of gloriously irreverent, cartoonish worlds. Yet for his latest collaboration with American label Coach, Basemen riffed off the great American iconography of ‘Surfer’, ‘Hawaii’ and ‘Western’ to create a series of imagery that celebrated, even as it subverted, the key motifs of the unique American lifestyle. Inspiration aside, each piece from the collection manages to balance whimsy with wit, no mean feat considering the immense challenge of combining commercial enterprise with artistic vision. With this collection, however, Baseman proves why he is the forerunner of pervasive art. Here are five pieces we’re stoked on.


  1. Printed Officer Jacket, SGD3,700

In Singapore, the closest we would come to scribbling on something non-paper is probably surreptitiously initialling our Bata shoes or cloth pencil cases at school. But there’s something deeply satisfying about this calf leather jacket that has been boldly attacked by Baseman’s brush. It has also been treated with a coating that gives it a crackled texture over time, so imperfections will become more distinctive as the leather molds to the wearer.


2. Gnarly Face T-Shirt, SGD995


Remember that scene where Forrest Gump takes a plain T-shirt from an ardent follower on his epic run across America, and wipes his muddied face on it, creating in the process one of the most iconic motifs of 20th Century America? Well, this soft cotton T-shirt reminds us of that. Except, instead of mud, expect pristine satin embroidery over the screen-printed image of a toothy smiley.


3. Black Wild Rose T-Shirt SGD315

You could get this in time for Cinco de Mayo, or, you could just wear this striking skull T-shirt anytime, safe in the knowledge that no matter what the occasion, the rictus grin on your printed skull-face presents an appropriate response to almost anything.


4. Boxer Shorts in Fox Cream SGD165

Allow yourself some room to breathe. These boxers rock a sly fox’s head along with inebriated bunnies, suitable iconography to represent your wilder side. After all, you never know when they’ll be on show, and when the situation occurs, you’ll be grateful you have these on instead of boring old tighty-whities.


5. Tough Luck Souvenir Jacket in Dark Cayenne Black SGD1,675

So, you didn’t play any sports in school and you have no affiliation to any fraternity whatsoever, but that’s not going to stop you from digging this satin varsity jacket embellished with flaming eyeballs and dice. It’s the perfect jacket to wear when you’re blackjack banker at next year’s CNY celebrations. Just be like “Don’t Care, So Huat”.


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