Sweat It Right With UNIQLO SPORT

Groomed for the training ground.

BY Editors | May 12, 2017 | Advertorial

The frenzied pace of modern times can be tough to keep up. Responsibilities from a demanding job and family commitments take up the bulk of your time and you're trying to save the last ounce of energy for leisure. Remember the good times when you were shooting basketball hoops with your buddies or scoring goals from the penalty box in soccer? Age is catching up and inching closer to that merciless tag on your metabolism. Nobody can dodge this curveball thrown by life itself. To counter this, you need to be ready for it.

Enter AIRism, the UNIQLO line that keeps you feeling cool, and looking it too. They’ve teamed up with Asahi Chemical to develop high-performance compression wear and this latest offering is the AIRism Performance Support Tights. The material is lightweight, breathable and is engineered to wick away moisture keeping you dry and comfortable all day. Multidirectional stretch keeps its shape, thus moving with you and allowing you to perform all the stretches you need to do after a workout. The fabric also provides surface pressure that could help reduce the time needed to recover from fatigue, and is smooth, light, and cool to the touch. If gym rats wear compression tights on the regular, you can too, both on and off the fitness studio.

But here’s another cool material that the guys at UNIQLO came up with: DRY-EX, the world’s fastest drying fabric. Get hold of the DRY-EX T-shirt, with ultra-breathable mesh at the armpits and shoulders which quickly wicks away sweat. You’ll need that, especially when Singapore reaches these blistering temperatures of up to 32 degrees Celsius. All that nasty, moist conditions during and post-workout are breeding ground for bacteria, causing unnecessary discomfort and distraction. 

DRY-EX is made of next-generation material that exceeds the expectations of dry functionality, and are available as t-shirts, polos, shorts, and hoodies. And if you need a boost in the stretchy clothes department, consider the DRY-EX Ultra Stretch Jacket. The impressive drying abilities of the DRY-EX fabric is further enhanced by the ability to stretch both vertically and horizontally as you move.

The UNIQLO SPORT range has got you covered, better still, they come in a variety of styles and colours that you can most definitely wear daily. No need to keep it just to the weekend, warrior. Keep on with the fit life, and let UNIQLO straighten out your outfit from day to night.

Creative Director: Eugene Lim; Script: Wayne Cheong; Director: Nicky Loh; DOP: Gary Lim; Camera Assistant: Timothy Bryan Koh; Grip: Rem & Venessa Ng; Gaffer: Jeremy de Souza; Offline Editor / Colourist: Mark Ng; Audio: Songzu

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