Paco Rabanne’s Latest Perfume, The Pure XS, Is Everything You Ever Wanted To Be

A whiff of success.

BY Editors | Nov 3, 2017 | Advertorial

The Pure XS is an amount of something that is more than necessary, permitted or desirable. The Pure XS doesn’t concern itself with the opinions of sheep dressed in sheep’s clothing. The Pure XS is the only opinion that matters. The Pure XS is stripping bare. The Pure XS is exposing yourself to the mirror of your most powerful self. The Pure XS is a manifestation of all you are and all that you will soon become. 

The Pure XS is beyond excess, it is also pure. The Pure XS is made from the tears of Tyler Durden. The Pure XS is made from the tears of your joys and sins. The Pure XS eliminates the “status” in “status quo” by turning the “quo” into a high-pitched mating call that a rare bird might make. The Pure XS is quo, quo, quo. 

The Pure XS is seeing a fine grey line and pouring black paint over it. The Pure XS is a border that you cross with your shoelaces untied. The Pure XS walks the minefield of mediocrity and detonates them with glee. The Pure XS is having a picnic at no man’s land. The Pure XS is the wild west in the far east. The Pure XS is a flag bearer of your code. The Pure XS hears “on” when the world says no. The Pure XS hears “possible” in impossible. 

The Pure XS fills a candy house with piñatas. The Pure XS is debauchery, erotica and lawlessness incarnate. The Pure XS is the order in chaos and the chaos in order. The Pure XS is the spirit of jazz creeping inside you like a warm kitten. The Pure XS is turning up every lever of your attributes. The Pure XS embodies your spirit. The Pure XS bears your name. The Pure XS is the very thing you want to be. The Pure XS is you.

Paco Rabanne Pure XS is available at all major departmental stores.

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