It's Time To Put The Baseball Cap Back In Your Getup Rotation

Great for a bad hair day.

BY Jon Roth | Oct 18, 2017 | Accessories

Photograph by Tyler Mullins

It first hit us in February, when Chance the Rapper took home the Grammys for Best New Artist and Best Rap Album while kitted out in a Thom Browne suit and his trademark hat. We started wondering, What’s the trick to wearing a baseball cap and looking—if not as cool as Chance—at least like an adult? It may be easier than you think. 

Start by aiming as far away from the frat hat as possible. No distressed, overly bent brims; no sun-faded pastels. Instead, look for rich materials like wool, corduroy and sturdy twill in fall-friendly colours like copper and burgundy. If you need text or a logo, keep it simple. (A team emblem? Okay. Trucker-hat innuendo? Not okay since 2006.) A little embellishment can go a long way: Chance adopted his “3” insignia with the release of what would become his award-winning mixtape. Proof the lucky hat doesn’t die after Little League.

From top: By APC, SGD168*; by Brunello Cucinelli, SGD505*; by Goorin Bros, SGD81*; by Hermès, SGD686*; by APC, SGD168*.

*Denotes translated price