Get Sunburnt In Style With Revo's Latest Range Of Sunglasses

Because you deserve the best.

BY Guan Lin | Jan 10, 2017 | Accessories

Photograph by Wong Wei Liang. From top: Green water lens sunglasses, SGD350; open road lens sunglasses, SGD485; graphite lens sunglasses, SGD725, all by Revo.

Beneath this thousand-year-old colloquial cliché (its linguistic origins hotly debated by dead-optimistic aficionados) is cyan-tifically proven stuff that polarised, tinted lenses will protect your eyes. Amber-tinted lenses block blue light, along with harmful indigo and violet UV rays. Likewise, these blue, green and grey sunglasses from outdoor performance frames and lenses specialist Revo, which offers varying degrees of colour for different activities—get the Blue Water lenses if you’re hopping on your yacht, for it highlights the greens, reds and yellows out at sea, making seeing better on the water just plain sailing.

All sunglasses available at Chaiming Optical.