How Olympic Gold Medalist Jan Frodeno Pushed Through Pain And Broke Existing Records

The reigning two-time Kona Ironman World Champion triathlete tests his limits.

BY Derrick Tan | Nov 14, 2017 | Accessories

Image from Oakley

If we're obsessed with an interest, there's no stopping the pursuit to attain its entirety in perfection. Jan Frodeno, an Olympic gold medalist, reigning two-time Kona Ironman World Champion and Team Oakley athlete, is one tenacious individual that exemplifies this.

Let's take it back in time at Cape Town, South Africa when Frodeno was 15. Swimming was the sport that kick-started his triathlon career. The accompanying insatiable desire to be at the top of his game was unmistakable in the races that he participated. Who's trained to lose anyway?

Once, Frodeno was gripped by a muscle spasm that locked up his lower back after completing the swim and bike challenge. This uncalled strain almost took him out of the race but he pushed through the pain and finished the race, demonstrating the #CantStop grit and passion evident in Oakley athletes worldwide. He also uses this mindset of pushing the limits and syncs it with his lifestyle.

Frodeno's love for triathlon isn't just a hobby, but it is the ONE OBSESSION that he wears proudly.