Watching Sunglasses Being Made Is as Cool as the Sunglasses Themselves

Lowercase NYC crafts their shades in Brooklyn.

BY Editors | Sep 8, 2017 | Accessories

Making the perfect pair of sunglasses is an art. You can tell as soon as you wear a pair that are made carefully, and with high-quality materials. New York-based sunglass brand Lowercase takes that artfulness to heart in its own design and manufacturing.

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Founders Gerard Masci and Brian Vallario have a strategy for every step that goes into a pair of their shades, which are all made in Brooklyn. From sourcing materials to hand-finishing the product, Lowercase's process is slow, steady, and absolutely entrancing to watch.

Esquire went over to the workshop—which was once the largest U.S. military supply base during WWII—to take a closer look at just what goes into the art of crafting the perfect sunglasses. Take a look.

From: Esquire US