Gucci Upgrades Its Iconic Ace Sneakers With Customisable Patches

Are you able to pair a winning look?

BY Derrick Tan | Jul 4, 2017 | Accessories

Images by Gucci

We all have days when our mood dictates how we want to look for the day. The styling varies with the colours and patterns applied to our outfits and many have experienced the fickle decisions to add or remove something from our attire before stepping out of the house.

Gucci has heard our pleas for an effortless way to express individuality with their DIY personalisation service. This Pre-Fall, the house has extended this customisation concept to its celebrated Ace sneakers, which has been developed to allow the interchangeable patches using snap buttons.

The iconic white Ace is available in five predetermined styles for men, from the label’s recognisable tiger to the mythical pairing of a dragon and UFO. Before completing your purchase, drop a few more pairs of patches into your cart for a variety of combinations. Same shoe, different feel.

Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2017 customisable Ace sneakers are now available at all Gucci Singapore boutiques. Shoes are priced from S$990 to S$1,430, and additional patches costs from S$330 to S$490.