How Dior Homme Boosts Its Bag Game With The Playground Collection

It's time to ascend above the athleisure trend.

BY Joy Ling | Dec 8, 2017 | Accessories

Images by Dior Homme and Alessio Bolzoni

It’s time to carry yourself and your things in a way that accurately reflects your active city life. The Dior Homme backpacks have always presented themselves as a subtle cool addition to the overall ensemble. This time, the Playground bags retain their sleek black finish and sturdy build, but finish with bold sport elements.

Among the three versatile styles, we find our best fit with the documents carrier, which maximizes the ease of carrying across hand, shoulder or back. Should you prefer quick access to your possessions, all bags are framed with external pockets to hold them in separate spaces. A functional lightweight structure, the playground bags exist both as a statement of urban elegance and as your perfect acolyte in the game of contemporary living.