Listen To This Burberry X Elton John Limited Edition Vinyl Set

There are only 800 box sets.

BY Guan Lin | Dec 19, 2016 | Accessories

Nothing gets us ecstatic quite like setting a 12in vinyl record on the turntable, and lowering the needle to hear warm tunes play. Elton John has partnered with Burberry to release 800 individually numbered vinyl LP box sets. Each set comes with seven albums—six reworked and one first-release on vinyl—original artwork and sleeve notes. An archivist’s gold, all albums were remastered from original tapes by Bob Ludwig at Abbey Road Studios. Let the music set the mood for merrymaking this festive season, and may nostalgia lubricate our joints as we groove to the start of a promising new year.

Burberry x Elton John limited edition vinyl LP box set is available at SGD575, at Burberry ION Orchard.