A Smart Luggage That Doesn't Bust Your Budget

Away Luggage might just be your next travel go-to and for good reason.

BY JANIE CAI | Jul 21, 2017 | Accessories

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Here at Esquire, we consider ourselves to be a bit of an expert when it comes to luggage—try hauling 20 heavy winter coats around obscure locations for a photo-shoot (hello fashion team), or hopping on a last-minute press junket to cover fire rituals in the Philippines, or to test-drive a Lamborghini on a private track in Monaco (whilst forgetting to pack flight goggles because who knew cars could go so fast?). Yes, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to use all kinds of luggage—begged, borrowed or bought, and in the process, we’ve learned a few things about our faithful travel bags. Top of our Don’t list is skimping on your luggage. If you do, expect to have wheels break, locks jam and zippers pop even before you exit the airport. On the other hand, a really good luggage - the kind that rolls along smooth as a bowl of Rochor tauhuay, all sleek designer lines, and sexy grooves, those tend to be expensive enough to warrant their own plane ticket on business class.

Go further with less: Away's easy access compartments means a small carry-on makes for a perfect weekend luggage.


So, we were pleasantly surprised when we came across Away. With its sleek, minimalist design and durable, steady wheels that allowed for easy maneuverability, the Away luggage looks and feels like a piece that hits well above its price point. We tested out the Carry-On—a compact, er, carry-on, which has an interior removable compartment which can be shifted and personalized to fit your packing needs, enabling you to organize odd-shaped items like toiletries more easily.  And, while similar-looking pieces can cost much more, the Away gets (hur hur) away with its lower price range (SGD308 to SGD404)* by selling direct to consumers and cutting out the price hike that comes with selling through a distributor. There is also a USB charging port, which allows you to charge your phone or tablet on-the-go and which we were really excited about until we realized that our test model didn’t come with a cable to charge it. Sadly, we weren’t able to gauge how that function performed, something we discovered whilst at the airport at 2% battery life and unable to find our cab share. Yes, it sucked but it also goes to show the huge (potential) usefulness of that particular function, should it work well. Weigh in the luggage’s smooth-rolling wheels, protective but lightweight hard-shell casing and accessible price point, and you have a serious contender for your next overseas adventure. Just don’t forget the cable.

Two other worthwhile pieces to suit every wallet:


Louis Vuitton Horizon 55 Rolling Luggage (from SGD4,260*): Designed by Marc Newson, it is a stylish carry-on that proves as functional as it is elegant. An innovative handle design allows for precious extra packing space while swift, soundless wheels are a bonus and luxury details like a full Epi Leather or Monogram Canvas finish ensure that you’ll be able to recognize your luggage amongst the crowd (That said, never take your eyes off it at the airport).



Muji Hard Carry 35L bag with stopper (SGD199): The Japanese retailer’s line of no-fuss luggage pieces cover the essentials of travel without straining your wallet. Although basic, its hard-shell luggage pieces are lightweight and roomy, while four steady wheels ensure that you roll along nicely. Also, at under SGD200, you won’t wince as much when it gets scratched up.


*denotes translated prices